IVC Carriage (formerly known as Iowa Valley Carriage) - Equestrian Driving Equipment

Lessons and Clinics

Yes, We Do Give Lessons!

Personalized Equestrian Instruction for Competition in Pleasure Shows and/or CDEs.

We offer equestrian lessons at our farm or yours depending on time and location.  Many of our students come from a distance away, so we make it worth their time to travel by scheduling multi-day lessons over the course of two or three days.  Some of the topics we cover can be:

  • Starting the Carriage Driving Horse
  • Safety and Proper Harnessing & Putting To
  • Training & Driving by the Principles of Dressage
  • Expectations of the Carriage Driving Horse
  • Selection & Care of Proper Equipment
  • Winning Strategies for Arena & Obstacle Driving
  • Timing the CDE Marathon
  • Turnout/What to Wear at Competitions
  • Personal Coaching at the Event

For the younger set, we also offer true equestrian lessons for proper care of the horse, including:

  • Grooming
  • Picking Hooves
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning
  • Health

We specialize on turning out students with the whole package to be successful in competitions. We also promote competitiveness without the cutthroat and encourage our students to support each other!  Contact us to see how you can join our team!  



Individual Lessons

  • Adults - $40/hour
  • Youth - $20/hour

Weekend Lessons (limited availability) - Stabling included, student to provide feed.  Camping available on site, or plenty of local hotels nearby.

  • 1.5-2 days (i.e. Friday afternoon & Saturday) - $300/person or small group (time is divided amongst 2-3 people)
  • 2-3 days (i.e. Friday night thru Sunday) - $400/person or small group

Clinics and talks at your location also available:

Some talks/demonstrations can include:

  • Bitting the Driving Horse
  • Carriage Driving Overview
  • Getting Started in Carriage Driving
  • Harness Fitting
  • Harness Selection & Care
  • Turnout
  • Trail & Recreational Driving Safety