Carriage Driving Looks Like Fun…How Do I Get Started?
Driving Lessons

Carriage Driving Looks Like Fun…How Do I Get Started?

Easiest Method – Learn First!

  • Find experienced carriage drivers to mentor you.
    • Talk to competitors at the carriage shows (when they aren’t getting ready for a class)
      • Ask them about their horse and carriage and why they chose them
    • Join American Driving Society and the Carriage Association of America
      • Publications
      • Resources
    • Join a driving club in your area
    • Join Carriage Driving Facebook Groups
      • Beginning Carriage Driving
      • Carriage Driving Classifieds
      • Carriage Driving Online
      • CDE & Pleasure Driving
      • et al
    • Find an instructor
      • Look for someone who drives like you want to drive.
        • Draft and breed show drivers harness and drive differently than carriage drivers
      • Look for someone who drives at the level to which you aspire!
        • If you want to compete, find an instructor who competes themselves.
      • Even a couple of lessons can be extremely beneficial if you can’t schedule or afford consistent lessons
        • The instructor can start you safely and properly so you don’t develop unsafe, bad habits.
        • Drive their experienced horses so you know how it is supposed to feel.
      • Take the information from your trusted mentors to purchase safe & proper equipment
        • In carriage driving, You Get What You Pay For! (“Buy Quality, Cry Once”)

 More Independent Method

  • Purchase a good book(s) (my favorites)
    • Essential Guide to Carriage Driving” (I consider this Carriage Driving 101; available from us)
    • “Carriage Driving – A Logical Approach Through Dressage Training” (102)

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