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Carriage Competition

Even if you don't think you will ever compete with your driving horse, don't discount the idea.  Carriage Driving Competitions are fun!  There are many levels of competitions in the US, from a few classes at an open show to FEI (international) Combined Driving Events!

Also, don't miss our entertaining competition articles in our Blog!

Here are some articles to help you get started and become familiar with the expectations of a carriage driving show.

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Driving Show Supply Packing List - what to pack for a show

The Carriage Show Packing List - a little more on packing for a show

FAQ ADS Pleasure Driving Rules

Pleasure Show Ring Etiquette - what to expect at a show and what is expected

The Correct Driver - Reinsmanship (the "equitation" or "horsemanship" of driving)

Beginner CDE Hints - Combined Driving Event tips for beginners

Mistakes New Carriage Show Competitors Make - an educational editorial blog post

Our Obstacle Driving Mistakes - an entertaining educational blog post

Communication Mistakes We've Made - how we avoid family disagreements during shows

The Celebrities of Carriage Driving - interacting with upper-level drivers


ADS Video

An Intro to Combined Driving - webinar with Andy Marcoux


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