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We enjoy using our 30+ years' experience to help new recreational and competitive drivers get started safely and successfully. We specialize in teaching safe carriage driving practices, bitting the driving horse, competition strategies, equipment care, and harness ergonomics. Myrna has given presentations at the Midwest Horse Fair, the Minnesota Horse Expo, The National Drive, and the American Driving Society Annual Meeting.  She has authored a full library of educational articles and presentations available on this website, some of which have been adopted for the Education Library the ADS.


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Here are links to our resources for the absolute beginner or prospective carriage driver:


Welcome to the Carriage Driving Community! - A few points about the culture of carriage driving

Carriage Driving Looks Like Fun! - How to get started in carriage driving

Styles of Driving - Explaining different forms of horse driving

Styles of Harness Which style of harness would best suit your needs

Selecting a Harness - Points to consider...based on our experience

Leather or Synthetic Harness? - Which material would best suit your needs

Selecting a Carriage - Aspects to consider when choosing a vehicle

Selecting a Whip - Holding it properly and choosing the right one for you

Safety Practices & Accident Prevention - Common accepted Best Practices for driving horses

Carriage Driving Acronyms - The carriage driving world is full of acronyms.  Here is a "cheat sheet".

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