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What Size is My Horse?

Which Harness Size to Choose

All of our harnesses are made to order, but for the purposes of pricing, they are separated into sizes.  Below are typical sizes of horses as they relate to sizes.  As always, if you are unsure, please contact us and we can help you determine which size will work.

  • Mini – any equine under 38”.  Very fine, narrow 39” - 40” ponies such as American Shetland/Mini crosses.
  • Shetland –  ponies 39” - 42” with a thicker build. “Maxi-minis”. Typical old-style Shetlands from England.
  • Pony – ponies 43” - 50”.  Finer built but taller Shetlands, very small Section A Welsh, small Hackney Ponies.
  • Large Pony – ponies 51” - 54”. Taller Section A Welsh, smaller Section C Welsh, typical Hackney Ponies.
  • Cob – ponies 51” - 58” (14.2 HH). Thick Section C Welsh, Finer Section D Welsh, German Riding Ponies, small Haflingers; smaller, finer horses.
  • Horse – 14.3 HH -16 HH. Typical Morgans, typical Quarter Horses, most Fjords, taller Section D Welsh, smaller Dutch Harness Horses, smaller Friesians.
  • Large Horse – 16.1 HH - 17 HH. Large Dutch Harness Horses, large Friesians, typical Warmbloods, small draft crosses.
  • Draft – full draft horse breeds

The harness maker ultimately determines the size of the harness based on the majority of the measurements, but using the above guide, we can be very close.