Our sister business, Midwest Custom Carriages, offers competitively priced, top-quality carriages for every need, from basic Trainers to advanced Marathon vehicles, as well as elegant Presentation carriages and Commercial carriages. Our carriages are suitable for daily work, recreation, and all levels of competition!  

Most vehicles come in multiple sizes suitable for Miniature Horse Pairs, Small and Large Ponies, Cobs, and Horses to Drafts.

Call Chad at 608-345-2986 today to discuss your new carriage!  Let us help you find the one that best meets your needs and wants!

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Marathon Vehicles 

We offer top quality marathon carriages suitable for training, competition, and recreation. Our marathon vehicles are designed to handle rough terrain and tight courses, yet remain quiet and smooth. We offer beginners to advanced drivers marathon carriages that will perform for years to come.  


Trainers/Crossover Carriages

Midwest Custom Carriages’ training/crossover vehicles are slightly heavier because of their added structure of a longer and wider wheelbase than typical marathon vehicles. They can be used for lower level combined driving, and are ideal for training and recreational driving due to their quiet and smooth ride.


Presentation/ Pleasure Show/ Commercial Carriages

Most American Driving Society (ADS)-recognized Pleasure Driving carriage shows require a traditional antique or “antique-style” vehicle to compete. There are also new vehicles available that have traditional styling, but are made almost entirely of metal and have steel-spoked wheels. Our Presentation vehicles are at home equally in the Pleasure Driving arena as well as the Dressage arena.