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Driving Bits

I have been extremely interested in bitting horses correctly since I was a young 4-Her and learned that my first horse was broke in a very severe bit.  We learned the hard way how important it is to get a correctly fitting and appropriate style and size bit for your horse.  I have spent a good share of time thumbing around in horses' mouths and observing how horses behave in certain bits, and then making adjustments as needed.  I've also been asked to give bitting presentations to a number of groups and national organizations.

Here is our collection of educational articles and presentations related to Bitting the Driving Horse:

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I Need a New Bit - Some of the "20 Questions" I might ask to find the right bit

Driving Bit Selection and Use - aspects of bitting helpful to know

Driving Bits - more aspects to consider

How to Measure a Bit - measure the horse's mouth and the bit itself

Conformation of the Horse's Mouth - an educational editorial

Attaching the Curb Bit Hooks and Chain - how to mount the hooks and adjust the chain

Bitting the Driving Horse Presentation - PowerPoint PDF - Given at the 2020 ADS Annual Meeting, and the 2019, 2020, and 2021 National Drive.

The Perfect Driving Bit - "What Bit Should I Use for my Driving Horse" - an educational editorial blog post

Going Behind the Bit - an educational blog post

The Single Jointed Snaffle Paperweight - an educational editorial blog post


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