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Driving Bits

I have been interested in bitting horses correctly since I was a young 4-Her and

learned that my first horse was broke in a very severe bit.  We learned the hard way how important it is to get a correctly fitting and appropriate style and size bit for your horse.  

Here is our collection of educational articles and presentations related to Bitting the Driving Horse:


I Need a New Bit - Some of the "20 Questions" I might ask to find the right bit

Driving Bit Selection and Use - aspects of bitting helpful to know

Driving Bits - more aspects to consider

How to Measure a Bit - measure the horse's mouth and the bit itself

Bitting the Driving Horse Presentation - PowerPoint PDF - Given at the 2020 ADS Annual Meeting, and the 2019, 2020, and 2021 National Drive.


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