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Carriage Driving Vehicles

Obviously, carriage driving isn't driving if you don't have a vehicle, be it a two-wheeled cart or a four-wheeled carriage.  Selecting and maintaining a vehicle is an important part of carriage driving!

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Selecting a Carriage - aspects to consider when choosing a vehicle

Spotlight on the Singletreepurpose of and correct use

Singletree Strapswhat they are and what they do - safety

Footman Loops - where to attach Footman Loops

Shaft Trim Kit Instructionshow to attach Shaft Trim

"Level" Shafts? - position of cart shafts

"Floating" Shafts? - how much weight should be in the tugs

Detailing Your Carriage - steps to take to clean vehicles


Videos for Vehicle Maintenance

Closing Rubber Tire Gap on Carriage Wheel - Video by Jeff Morse

Common Carriage Axle Wheel Maintenance - Video by Howard Kietzke 

Collinges Carriage Axle Wheel Maintenance - Video by Howard Kietzke



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