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Turnout Mistakes #2

Turnout Mistakes #2 0

You all liked my first post on our Turnout faux pas, so I thought you might want to see some more. We cover hot weather clothes, dress rehearsals, the "all black" turnout, bad hair days, and hot kids!
Dumb Stuff We Did #2

Dumb Stuff We Did #2 0

Did you really think that we only did enough dumb stuff for one blog post? Nope. We’ve done some more…and even fairly recently! The point of these articles is to help people understand how to do better, because “When we know better, we do better.”
Dumb Stuff We Did with Our Driving Horses

Dumb Stuff We Did with Our Driving Horses 1

We’ve been lucky…really lucky…or blessed. Looking back on our almost 30 years of horse driving, I can think back to when we did stuff we shouldn’t have because we didn’t know any better. Fortunately, most of the situations turned out fine, but now knowing what could have happened, I shake my head.
Our Carriage Turnout Mistakes

Our Carriage Turnout Mistakes 6

We’ve been at this a long time, and of course, we started somewhere, just like everyone else. When I look back on old photos of our carriage driving turnouts, I have to ask myself, “What were you thinking?” In another 25 years, I will look back on my current turnouts and hopefully not cringe quite so badly.
Harness and Vehicle Care Mistakes

Harness and Vehicle Care Mistakes 3

Most of these mistakes are not “life-threatening” but can help you take better care of your horse harness and carriage so they will last longer and stay in better shape. Some of these mistakes we have made, while others we learned about before we made them.
Our Harness Fitting Mistakes

Our Harness Fitting Mistakes 10

Yes, it is true. I will admit it. We made mistakes when we first started driving. That realization has me using the phrase, “We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.” One of the major mistakes we made when we didn’t know any better was to use harnesses that technically didn’t fit. Here are some examples.