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The First Put-To

The First Put-To 2

Last year, I wrote an article entitled Starting the Driving Horse. Ironically, a year before that, I wrote about the difference between long lining and ground driving. So, logical progression indicates that I should write about the first time a horse is put-to the cart.  The putting to process is the most important to do correctly for the sake of the horse and the driver.
The Horse’s “Hood Ornament”

The Horse’s “Hood Ornament” 2

A common habit I see amongst newer drivers in a pleasure driving show is the tendency to be watching the horse through virtually the whole class.  It’s like driving a car while focusing on the hood ornament instead of the road ahead.
  • Myrna Rhinehart
Should I Get Brass or Stainless?

Should I Get Brass or Stainless? 0

When people order a new harness, they need to choose brass or stainless hardware. It is helpful to know the pros and cons of both before making that choice.  We will discuss those aspects and also how to polish metal.
  • Myrna Rhinehart
Favorite Things – 2022 Version

Favorite Things – 2022 Version 0

Back in 2019, I wrote a post referencing “These are a few of my favorite things”.  We have found that people look forward to these posts about certain products that have caught our attention (and our hearts) over the year.  Here is our list for this year.
The Perfect Driving Bit

The Perfect Driving Bit 0

“What bit should I use for my horse?”  Less experienced drivers may answer that question very quickly citing whatever bit they happen to be using with their horse.  Unfortunately, that isn’t very helpful.  I ask many more questions in return before I ever explain and recommend a bit for a horse and driver.
Measuring Horse Harness Parts & Hardware

Measuring Horse Harness Parts & Hardware 0

We sell a lot of horse harness parts. We always need measurements from our customers’ existing harnesses in order to match up new parts to them. We have found, however, that many people are unfamiliar with what measurements need to be taken in order to do so.