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Beta vs. Biothane?

Beta vs. Biothane? 0

When people talk about synthetic harnesses, many of them refer to their harness as being biothane.  Many people also have opinions as to biothane being better than leather, biothane being stiff in the winter, biothane being shiny, etc.  Sometimes, people will also use the term “beta”.  They think that beta is a matte material, softer, and more desirable than biothane for harnesses from which to be made. 
Placement of the Driving Saddle

Placement of the Driving Saddle 0

The placement of a horse harness driving saddle should be well-behind the horse’s withers. A common newbie mistake is to place the saddle on top of or near the withers. The driving saddle should, in no way, touch the withers.
Our Favorite Things - 2020 version

Our Favorite Things - 2020 version 0

Last year, I wrote a post regarding my favorite carriage driving items. This year we have some new items that I would have a hard time living without.
“Level” Shafts?

“Level” Shafts? 4

You may have heard that the shafts on your two-wheeled cart should be level with the ground. The correct answer to that perception is “maybe”. It really depends on a number of factors with the cart.  Shafts parallel to the ground is a bit of a misnomer by beginning drivers.
Long Lining or Ground Driving?

Long Lining or Ground Driving? 0

A lot of new drivers are under the impression that a major step in training the driving horse is ground driving, walking behind the horse like you were in a vehicle, but without the vehicle attached. We do more what I refer to as “long lining” which is basically staying in the center of the arena while the horse goes around.
The Helmet Fascinator

The Helmet Fascinator 3

Youth have to wear an approved helmet at all times when on the show grounds. When we had a cute teenage girl showing with our phaeton cart, her helmet needed something that made it look a little more feminine and elegant besides just the helmet cover.