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Favorite Things – 2022 Version

Favorite Things – 2022 Version 0

Back in 2019, I wrote a post referencing “These are a few of my favorite things”.  We have found that people look forward to these posts about certain products that have caught our attention (and our hearts) over the year.  Here is our list for this year.
The Perfect Driving Bit

The Perfect Driving Bit 0

“What bit should I use for my horse?”  Less experienced drivers may answer that question very quickly citing whatever bit they happen to be using with their horse.  Unfortunately, that isn’t very helpful.  I ask many more questions in return before I ever recommend a bit for a horse and driver.
  • Myrna Rhinehart
Measuring Horse Harness Parts & Hardware

Measuring Horse Harness Parts & Hardware 0

We sell a lot of horse harness parts. We always need measurements from our customers’ existing harnesses in order to match up new parts to them. We have found, however, that many people are unfamiliar with what measurements need to be taken in order to do so.
To Wrap or Not to Wrap?

To Wrap or Not to Wrap? 2

Do you always wrap your breeching holdbacks or use some sort of snap to attach them to your breeching for the ease of putting your horse to the vehicle or for quick release?
Dumb Stuff We Did #3

Dumb Stuff We Did #3 0

Back in 2020, I wrote a series of articles entitled, “We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.” I have kept a running list of mistakes we have made as I remember them, so this is the next in the series. These articles are meant to “poke fun” at ourselves in a way that hopefully is educational and maybe a wee bit entertaining.
IVC Haas Brush Guide

IVC Haas Brush Guide 0

We recommend Haas brush sets to our customers for the best possible grooming results based on the color of their horse's coat and the soil type where the horse is kept. The brushes are listed in the order in which you should use them.