Event Sponsorship Requests

Event Sponsorship Requests

We gladly support carriage driving events and competitions around the United States. As we do get quite a few requests for sponsorships, we would like a bit of information about your event to make an informed decision as to whether to invest in your event:

Event Name:
Event Date:
Type of Event:
Contact Name:
Expected number of competitors/participants:
Expected number of spectators:

We also ask for a couple of things in return for our investment in your event:

  1. Listing of our support on the organization’s or event’s website and Facebook page with live link to our website, www.ivccarriage.com (Priority)
  2. If a print ad for an event program is included with the sponsorship, the available sizes of the finished advertisements be included in the sponsorship request.
  3. The deadline date for sponsorship and any artwork submissions be communicated in the sponsorship request.
  4. Requests should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the deadline for sponsorship.
  5. While we will consider cash donations, we would prefer to sponsor gift certificates to our store to be used as prizes or incentives for competitors, or rewards for volunteers.

We welcome show organizers to contact us to consider other creative ways that our business can invest in and help support your show or event!

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