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Harness Parts

We carry all the parts you need for your harness, from Miniature to Draft! If you need something that is not listed, please contact us. We will continue to add products to this list.

1/1/23 - Turnaround time for individual parts (unless it is something we typically stock) have been about 3 weeks.  Please plan ahead with your orders and have patience once they have been ordered.  

We stock many typically used and standard-sized parts, like reins, gullet straps, kick straps, breeching straps, Quick Release tugs, etc.  Parts needing a completed Measuring Chart have the link on that product.  Custom built parts typically take 2-3 weeks.  

A lot of our harness parts are made to order, and we can make a good guess at the size, but the harness maker ultimately determines the size based on the measurements.  The sizes on the website are primarily for pricing.  

Need to know how to measure parts and hardware?  See our article!  

We can also order Smucker Harness parts!

Synthetic/Brass special order parts are non-returnable.