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Safety with the Driving Horse

When you get started in carriage driving, just like any horse sport, it's not a matter of "If" you will have an accident, but "When". 

Our collection of articles we have authored is meant to help you better prepare, and avoid, mishaps to downright accidents with driving horses.

Please keep in mind that since we have made this information available for free, we absolutely appreciate you supporting our business as well.


Fitting an Equestrian Helmet - how to select a helmet and properly fit one

Safety Practices & Accident Prevention - common accepted Best Practices for driving horses

What to do in an Emergency - carriage driving accidents

Trail & Recreational Driving Safety - list of safety practices for recreational horses

Wrapping Holdback Straps - an educational editorial on how to use breeching straps

How Picky Do I Need To Be?Ground manners on driving horses

Unattended? - what it means for a driving horse to be unattended

Dumb Stuff We Did with our Driving Horses - admissions of safety mistakes we did when we didn't know any better

Dumb Stuff We Did #2 - more admissions of mistakes

Dumb Stuff We Did #3 - even more safety mistake admissions!


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