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a Carriage Driving Horse

We have been driving carriage horses for over 30 years.  We started by training our own horses, and have learned a whole lot, both good and bad, along the way.  We have worked hard at learning more and improving our techniques.

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Here is our collection of articles we have authored about driving your horse.

Training the Horse

Long Lining or Ground Driving - what is the difference?

Pyramid of Training (Dressage Pyramid) - Every equestrian should be familiar with the Dressage Pyramid from USDF

Showmanship for the Driving Horse - a format for good groundwork

Starting the Driving Horse - steps we take to start a horse under harness

The First Put-To - steps we take to get a horse in the cart

How Picky Do I Need To Be? - Ground manners on driving horses


Driving the Horse

Styles of Driving - discussing all forms of horse driving

Why We Put To in the Open (an educational editorial)

Let Go!  Working on the Release  - It's easy to teach someone to "hang on".  It's much harder to teach them to "let go".

Blinders or No Blinders - the purpose of blinders and when to use them

FAQ About Carriage Driving - history of carriage driving and reasoning behind practices

The Courteous Driver (at any driving event) 

The Horse's "Hood Ornament" - the problems with staring at the horse's head

Carriage Driving Acronyms - the carriage driving world is full of acronyms.  Here is a "cheat sheet".


Obstacle Driving

Cones! - starting your horse in obstacles and strategies for driving cones.


ADS Resources

How Much Weight Should My Horse Pull? - article from the May 2022 issue of The Whip magazine

Driven Dressage - The Basics - webinar with Shelly Temple

Pair Driving - webinar with Hardy Zantke

Conditioning the Driving Horse - webinar with Rich Forfa, DVM


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