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Synthetic Horse Harness

Why IVC BioThane Synthetic Harness?

IVC Synthetic Harnesses are built to our specifications by skilled craftsmen in the USA using quality USA-made Beta® and Granite® coated webbings from the BioThane® company in Ohio. These synthetic horse harnesses wear like iron and will look like new for years to come!  No flaking or peeling, no rubbery or plasticky feel, no overly shiny or cheap looking finishes.  BioThane remains flexible in cold weather, resists breaking, and cleans up to like new!  BioThane is the only American made material of the leading US horse harness brands!

When you order a BioThane synthetic horse harness from IVC Carriage, you are assured of getting a quality product at a reasonable price.  We work with our harness maker to ensure your harness is suited to your needs with fit and comfort for your horse.  We invite you to compare our harnesses and we hope you will agree…we offer The Best Harness for Quality & Features...to Value.

What About the Size?

Our harnesses are made to order to fit your horse(s). The completed Measurement Chart is required to place your order with the harness maker.  What Size is Your Horse?

Can I Get Custom Features?

Our Harnesses have been "packaged" into typical features that most people order, Traditional, Enhanced, Endura and Extra Endura.  All our harnesses are still available a la carte, so you can choose exactly which features you would like.  

What is the Process to Order a Harness?

As of 2023, we charge the full price of the harness up front.  This saves us having to bill you later for the 2nd half of the harness.  FREE domestic SHIPPING on full IVC-brand harness sets (except Econ harnesses).
◾The completed Measurement Chart is required to place your order with the harness maker. Please submit either via email or USPS.  Measurements will NOT be accepted via text or Messenger.


1/1/23 - Turnaround time for a complete harness has been running about 8 weeks.  Individual parts (unless it is something we typically stock) have been about 4 weeks.  Please plan ahead with your orders and have patience once they have been ordered.  


Want all our harness grades and prices in one place? You can download our tri-fold Complete Harness Brochure.

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