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Our Favorite Things - 2020 version

"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.  Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...These are a few of my favorite things..." 

Last year, I wrote a post regarding my favorite carriage driving items.  This year we have some new items that I would have a hard time living without.

Vinyl Marathon Seat Cover - our marathon vehicles all have suede seats.  They are awesome to keep your derriere in place when flying around corners.  However, they aren't the most fun to get clean if left in the dust or if that Barn Swallow poops on it. :-(  The seat cover is so easy to put on and take off compared to fighting with an ATV cover.  Granted, the rest of the vehicle can get dirty not being covered, but hey...it's dirty anyway from just working horses!

Winter Helmet Cover - I am NOT a happy cold person (so I live in Wisconsin...). This helmet cover is so easy to use and keeps my ears warm without messing with the integrity of the fit of the helmet if I have to work a horse in the winter.  Once I put it on my helmet, I just leave it there for the season.  No fussing with a scarf or something else that doesn't fit under my helmet.

Curry on a Stik' - This little item saved our Rent-a-Kid's dressage score at one show!  The mare came off the trailer stiff and sore, and I worked on her for about 45 minutes to loosen her up.  She relaxed and the score was much better!  If I take this curry out to the paddock, I have all the ponies "mobbing" me for their opportunity to get brushed.  Yup...it's that good.

Effol SuperFlex Brush - Once you pick up this brush, it is hard to put down.  Not only does it do a great job wrapping those contoured areas of your horse, but for some reason it has a "magnetism" that you just want to keep playing with it.  Maybe the draw is because I've never seen anything else like it.  

Effol ORCA Scraper - Yes, this little scraper is more pricey that its farm store counterparts, but the amount of water it moves in such little time with minimal effort makes it a favorite in our barn!

Bottle Holder - I LOVE THIS!  We have at least two in our barn hanging near the grooming area.  They keep fly spray and other grooming sprays conveniently located AND you don't get that slimy drippiness from hanging the bottles from the handle.  Plus, they make refilling a bottle super easy!  No more bottles tipping over mid fill!

Cambox - Ok, so this is a splurge.  But if you want or are going to use a helmet cam, why not use one that isn't so heavy on your head?  When you put a Cambox on your hat or helmet, you don't even know it is there.  The video quality is amazing and it is very easy to use.  We haven't touched our GoPro since we got the Cambox. 

Flitz Metal Polish - Yes, this was on my list last year, but when a product is this good, it deserves to be mentioned again.  We still have customers who rave about this polish after we gave them a sample only to have them come back and get a whole jar!  It's so easy and the results are amazing!  If you haven't tried this and are still a little skeptical, let us know and we can slip a sample in with your next order. 


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