Synthetic Breeching (Holdback) Straps
Leather/Brass Breeching (Holdback) Straps
Leather/Stainless Breeching (Holdback) Straps
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IVC Breeching (Holdback) Straps

For attaching the breeching to the cart, carriage, or buggy with footman loops.

  • Available in Mini, Pony, Horse, and XL sizes
  • Mini (shown) - 5/8" x 27", Pony - 5/8" x 35", Horse - 1" x 38", XL - 1" x 46" measured total length from fold where it attaches to harness (see photo).
  • Made in the USA with USA-tanned leather or BioThane-brand matte synthetic materials
  • Brass or stainless
  • Stocked in synthetic/stainless
  • Priced as a pair
Size: Miniature
Material: Synthetic
Metal: Stainless

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