Lightning High Bar Marathon Carriage

The Lightning High Bar Marathon Carriage is an adaption of the popular lighter weight Lightning (formerly known as the Falcon).

It is available for the less able-bodied driver by featuring an additional step in the back to be considerably easier on the knees and a higher grab handle behind the seat to allow the driver to pull up with the high bar.

A dickey seat is not offered, as it reduces the ability of the driver to mount the carriage from the rear.

Base Lightning High Bar Vehicle starts at around $6400 (depending on the Euro exchange rate) and includes:

  • Adjustable painted steel, closed end shafts Lightning High Bar Marathon Vehicle
  • Painted, padded steel singletree
  • Rear suspension – standard spring
  • Front suspension – choice of two spring, three spring, or Elmex (shock absorbers)
  • Rear brakes – hydraulic, no-rust disc BIT brakes
  • Parking brake
  • Painted steel rims
  • Painted steel spokes 
  • Hard rubber or pneumatic tires – choice
  • Vinyl marathon bucket seat – adjustable forward and back
  • Clear vinyl number holders on seat
  • Padded rear fenders (can be used as seats)
  • Painted steel navigator grab handles with wrapping
  • Navigator platform with center ridge (flat available)
  • Painted steel whip socket
  • Painted & striped frame
  • Vinyl storage bag & tools