Lightning Supra-Lite Marathon Carriage

The new Lightning Supra-Lite Marathon Carriage for small ponies (120 cm or less) is designed to keep weight to a minimum without loss of stability or durability.

The vehicle pictured is 361# with the shafts and tools.  Adding stainless steel components, removing some of the extra handles, and reducing the navigator platform can make the Supra-Lite even lighter.  Talk to us about what we can do to make your vehicle perfect for your small pony.

Base Lightning Supra-Lite Marathon Vehicle starts at around $6400 (depending on the Euro exchange rate) and includes:

  • Adjustable painted steel, closed end shafts Lightning Supra-Lite Marathon Vehicle | Midwest Custom Carriages
  • Painted, padded steel singletree
  • Rear suspension – standard spring
  • Front suspension – choice of two spring, three spring, or Elmex (shock absorbers)
  • Rear brakes – hydraulic, no-rust disc BIT brakes
  • Parking brake
  • Painted steel rims
  • Painted steel spokes 
  • Hard rubber or pneumatic tires – choice
  • Vinyl marathon Supra-Lite seat – adjustable forward and back
  • Padded rear fenders (can be used as seats)
  • Painted steel navigator grab handles with wrapping
  • Navigator platform with center ridge (flat available)
  • Painted steel whip socket
  • Painted & striped frame
  • Vinyl storage bag & tools