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Bombers BE Conrad Split Liverpool (Ported Pivot)

Known as a Liverpool BE RT Ported Pivot from Bombers Bits, it is typically known in the US as a Conrad or a Square Port mouthpiece.  This pivoting mouthpiece has a break in the middle to allow the sides to work independently.  Traditional Liverpool swivel cheeks with Boyd Exell styling. 

  • Stocked in a two-slot cheek. 
  • Curb hooks and chains are included.
  • 115 mm is about 4.5" with 1/2" mouthpiece
  • 125 mm is about 5" with a 9/16" mouthpiece
  • 140 mm is about 5.5" with a 9/16" mouthpiece
Size: 115 mm / 4.5"
Only 1 left in stock!

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