Bombers Mullen Wilson Snaffle

Bombers Mullen Wilson Snaffle

The Wilson Loose Ring features two loose rings, one through the mouthpiece and one around the mouthpiece.  Boyd Exell recommends this bit for horses that do not need a lot of pressure.  The mullen mouthpiece creates direct pressure on the tongue, and is used to bring the head down.  The Wilson Loose Ring creates a very direct contact due to the separation of the bridle and rein attachments. There is some cheek pressure through the ring that attached to the bridle.

Encourages contact.  Loose rings encourages the mouth piece to stay in the desired position.  Reduces bar pressure.

  • 115 mm is about 4.5" with 1/2" mouthpiece
  • 125 mm is about 5" with a 5/8" mouthpiece
  • 140 mm is about 5.5" with a 5/8" mouthpiece
  • 150 mm is about 6.0" with a 5/8" mouth piece
Size: 115 mm / 4.5"

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