Bowman Fixed Cheek Victory Liverpool Horse Bit | IVC Carriage
Bowman Fixed Cheek Victory Liverpool Pony Bit | IVC Carriage
Bowman Liverpool Horse Cheek | IVC Carriage
Bowman Liverpool Pony Cheek | IVC Carriage

Bowman Victory Liverpool Fixed Cheek

The Fixed Cheek Liverpool is a must for pair or team horses.
  • 45-degree Victory mouthpiece arches forward and up to provide extra tongue relief for thick-mouthed horses.
  • Includes flat curb hooks and a traditional single curb chain.
  • Brass alloy mouthpiece with 60% copper content
  • Stocked in 4.50" - 6.00" , two-slot.
  • Pony cheeks are 5' long; Horse are 6" long.
  • Handmade in the USA
Mouthpiece Size: 4.25"
Cheek Size: Pony

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