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Dressage Arena Corner Block
Dressage Arena Rail Post

Driven Dressage Arena 40 x 80 meters

NEW to the USA!  Regulation, portable 40m x 80m dressage arena, made of durable plastic to have a long lifespan. 

Arena can be set up and taken down quickly. Easy to build and is always the right size. Stable, pyramid-style support posts.  If the driving arena is permanently set up on grass, it is easy to move the arena to mow the grass.

From the beginner to the professional driver, from a Training-level to an Advanced FEI test, every event or facility gets a professional look with a dressage ring from Nedlandic!

Driven Dressage 40m x 80m arena consists of:

  • (59) 4 meter planks
  • (2) 2 meter planks
  • (57) regular posts
  • (4) corner posts


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