Effax Leather Balm | IVC Carriage
Effax Leather Balm | IVC Carriage
Effax Leather Balm with Brush Fix | IVC Carriage

Effax Leather Balm Conditioner

Effax® Leather Balm extends the life of leather and is used enthusiastically all over the world.

  • The most valuable leather care for durability and reliability of the leather equipment due to a combination of lanolin and caring oils.
  • Beeswax has a moisture-repellent effect and leaves the leather with a brilliant shine as well as giving the product a uniquely special smell.
  • Contains: care additives such as beeswax, lanolin, avocado oil
  • A good tool to consider pairing with the Leather Balm jar is the Effol Brush Fix (sold separately)
  • 17 oz. jar or 5.3 oz travel size
  • Made in Germany
Size: 5.3 oz

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