EQuest® Fine Mesh Fly Insect Sheet
Sweet Itch Fly Sheet | IVC Carriage

EQuest® Fine Mesh Fly Insect Sheet

The unique Culex C³ eczema sheet is designed to protect the sensitive horse against small biting insects such as mosquitos, gnats, and flies of course.  It features elastic inserts in the shoulder and withers for freer movement. 

  • Elastic cuffs on the neck and legs reduce the potential for insects to get under the sheet.
  • Removable belly band is adjustable forward and back with loops along the back, and can be drawn up snug on the barrel as well. 
  • Belly band connects into the chest area, too.
  • Includes tail flap
  • Small is 125 cm (about 49") along the back, 170 cm (66") on the underside
  • Medium is 135 cm (about 53") along the back, 185 cm (73") on the underside
  • Breathable
  • Gray
  • Made in Germany by EQuest®

We brought these sheets in from Germany because we hadn't seen anything like them in the US.  We have Welsh ponies who suffer from Sweet Itch in the summer, so we try to do everything we can to help them avoid getting bit by the bugs that cause the itching.

"We love this fly sheet! My horse is finally healing."  Amity

    Size: Small
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