Flitz Speedi Seal Detailing Spray | IVC Carriage

Flitz Speedi Seal Detailing Spray

Flitz Speedi Seal is a premium-grade ceramic coating with nano technology that’s a perfect detailing spray when you’re in a hurry and need a super-fast super shine on your fine carriage.  Speedi Seal is water-based and environmentally friendly, leaving no streaks or smears. Gives protection lasting up to 6 months!  THIS IS NOT A WAX, IT'S BETTER!

Exceptional performance on:  Fiberglass, clearcoat & paint, all auto paints, marine finishes, powdercoat, Emron®, polyurethane, lacquer, plexiglass®, eisenglass, acrylics, plastics, polished aluminum, stainless steel, motorcycles, tool boxes. Safe on black plastic.  Keeps carriages looking shiny all weekend long.  Makes cleaning carriages super easy dirt and dust doesn't stick.

  • 16 oz. spray bottle

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