IVC Dark Horse / Heavy Soils Haas Brush Package
IVC Dark Horse / Heavy Soils Haas Brush Package
Haas Striegel Curry Brush | IVC Carriage
Haas Pony Mud Brush | IVC Carriage
Haas Parcour Stiff Brush | IVC Carriage
Haas Cavaliere Medium Brush | IVC Carriage
Haas Fellglanzburste Soft Brush | IVC Carriage
Haas Mini Diva Brush | IVC Carriage

Haas Brush Package - Dark Horse/Heavy Soils

This Haas brush set is custom selected by IVC Carriage to work best on horses with dark coats (chestnut, sorrel, bay, black, etc.) kept on heavy soil types (clay, loam, etc).  Each brush works to loosen, lift, and remove different soil particle sizes starting with the larger particles and finishing with very fine particles.  By using the different grades of the Haas horsehair brushes, you remove a greater quantity of dirt from your horse’s coat, and bring the oils to the surface, producing a natural shine!

The Dark Horse/Heavy Soil package includes the following brushes used in the following order:

Striegel Curry – lift dirt and loosen mud (included free in the package!)

Pony – very stiff to remove dried mud

Parcour - stiff for large dirt particles

Cavaliere - medium for mid size dirt particles, or for everyday

Fellglanzburste - soft for dust

Diva - for fine dust (especially for competitions!)

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