Hook End Carriage Singletree
Hook End Carriage Singletree
Hook End Singletree with Tee Plate on top and Caster below.

Hook End Singletree

Hickory wood singletree with hooks and ferrules at each end.

  • Available in 22", 24", 26" 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", and 38" long.
  • Measured from wood to wood and do not include the hooks which add an inch on each end.
  • 1 3/8" tall.  Width starts at 1 5/8" for smaller sizes to 1 3/4" for larger sizes.
  • Center hole is not drilled.
  • Ferrules (not hooks) need to be primed and painted.
  • A singletree caster or stainless singletree caster helps to attach the singletree
  • Consider using a tee plate or a wear plate on top to support the singletree bolt.
  • See our article if you need help to understand how to mount your singletree.
  • 22" singletree shown
Size: 22"
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