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IVC Endura BioThane Synthetic Harness | IVC Carriage

Draft Endura BioThane Harness

Easy care IVC Endura BioThane Horse Harness has same features as the IVC Enhanced Synthetic Harness, but adds upgrades to be used with a marathon carriage or training carriage such as a Leon.  Stainless hardware.  Made in the USA of BioThane-brand materials.  Suitable for full draft horse breeds  Constructed to fit your horse's measurementsMeasurements are required to order this harness.  FREE domestic SHIPPING on all full harness sets.




  • Rolled and padded breeching
  • Split hip strap
  • Breeching (holdback) straps included

Breast Collar



  • All brown synthetic reins with pinky loop and buckle at hand end, appropriate for carriage driving

For Two-Tone (black and brown) add $30.00.

Consider adding a Kick Strap or Trace Carriers to your harness!

Color: Black
Winker Stays: Molded Synthetic Stays

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