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IVC Endura BioThane Synthetic Harness | IVC Carriage

Large Horse Endura BioThane Harness

Easy care IVC Endura BioThane Large Horse Harness has same features as the IVC Enhanced Synthetic Harness, but adds upgrades to be used with a marathon carriage for the sport of Combined Driving.  Stainless hardware.  Made in the USA of BioThane-brand materials.  Suitable for 16.1 HH - 17 HH horses such as large Dutch Harness Horses, large Friesians, typical Warmbloods, and small draft crosses.  Constructed to fit your horse's measurementsMeasurements are required to order this harness.  FREE domestic SHIPPING on all full harness sets.




  • Rolled and padded breeching
  • Split hip strap
  • Breeching (holdback) straps included

Breast Collar



  • All brown synthetic reins with pinky loop and buckle at hand end, appropriate for carriage driving

For Two-Tone (black and brown) add $30.00.

Consider adding a Kick Strap or Trace Carriers to your harness!

Color: Black
Winker Stays: Molded Synthetic Stays

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