IVC Enhanced Leather Pair Harness

IVC Enhanced Leather Pair Harness

IVC Enhanced Leather Pair Harness has the same quality and features of our IVC Enhanced Leather single harness.  Can be ordered with Long Tug breast collars, or Short Tug breast collars to convert each side to a single harness (single parts sold separately). Available in all sizes including Miniature, Pony, Horse, and Draft, and constructed to fit your horses' measurements.  Measurements are required to order this harness.



  • Treed, Long Padded Skirt saddles
  • Patent leather on top and skirts
  • 4" wide saddles (Horse size)
  • Padded girths


  • Rolled and padded patent breeching with plain leather overlay
  • Split hip straps
  • Side straps from breeching rings to under tug buckles
  • Trace carriers

Breast Collars

  • Long Tug Mid V breast collars which buckle into the saddle provide windpipe relief and freedom of movement; extra padding, rolled patent leather with plain leather overlay 
  • Short Tug breast collars required if a single harness conversion is desired.
  • Split Hungarian neck straps, fixed or floppy rein terrets (please specify if desired)
  • Hungarian carrier straps
  • Buckle-in, slot-end traces (other trace ends available)
  • Pole straps


  • Open keepers on bridles
  • Decorative browbands
  • Patent hatchet-shaped blinkers (square blinkers available)
  • Patent, double-buckle nosebands (cavesons)
  • Appropriate caveson hangers that buckle in above the blinkers
  • Padded jaw straps
  • Patent tear (face) drops
  • Gullet straps included


  • All russet leather pair reins with pinky loop standard, appropriate for carriage driving
Size: Miniature
Hardware: Brass
Style: Long Tug Breast Collars

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