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IVC Traditional Synthetic Horse Harness Bridle
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Draft Traditional BioThane Harness
IVC Traditional Synthetic Horse Harness Saddle
IVC Traditional Synthetic Open Tugs
IVC Traditional Synthetic Horse Harness Girth
IVC Traditional Synthetic Horse Harness Breeching
IVC Traditional Synthetic Horse Harness Hip Strap
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Draft Traditional BioThane Harness

Base model, quality, easy care synthetic harness suitable for full draft horse breeds.  Suitable for beginners, training, pleasure driving, and competition with most typical carts and carriages.  Stainless hardware.  Made in the USA with BioThane-brand synthetic materials.  Constructed to fit your horse's measurements.  Measurements are required to order this harnessFREE domestic SHIPPING on all full harness sets.



  • Regular padded saddle with tree
  • Rolled & padded girth
  • Open tugs
  • Turnback (backstrap) with two slots for hip strap
  • Synthetic crupper


  • Rolled and padded breeching
  • Split hip strap
  • Breeching (holdback) straps included

Breast Collar

  • Straight, rolled breast collar
  • Split neck strap with floppy rein terrets
  • Buckle-in, double-layer, slot-end traces
  • False martingale with teardrop


  • Open keepers on bridle
  • Decorative browband
  • Patent hatchet-shaped blinkers (square blinkers available)
  • Double-buckle noseband (cavesson)
  • Appropriate cavesson hangers that buckle in above the blinkers
  • Padded jaw strap
  • Tear (face) drop
  • Gullet strap included
  • Removable side or overcheck optional


For Two-Tone (black and brown) add $30.

Color: Black
Check Rein: No Check

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