Horse Harness Kick Strap | IVC Carriage

IVC Traditional Kick Strap

Attaches through the backstrap in front of the crupper to the shafts on both sides with footman loops to help prevent the horse from kicking / bucking as he will have to lift the weight of the cart to do so.

  • Made in the USA with USA-tanned leather or BioThane-brand matte synthetic materials
  • Stocked in synthetic with stainless hardware
  • Leather by special order.  
  • Approx. size to middle hole:  Large Horse - 74", Horse - 61", Cob - 56", Pony - 51", Mini - 44" (Mini adjusts 42"-46")
  • Large Horse size may be necessary for cobs and horses put to vehicles with lower shafts.
Size: Miniature
Material: Synthetic
Metal: Stainless

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