Leather Singletree Straps | IVC Carriage
Leather Singletree Straps
Singletree and Shaft Straps | IVC Carriage

Leather Singletree & Shaft Straps

Singletree straps are attached to the underside of the wooden crossbar around the singletree to limit the swing of the singletree in case a trace comes off. 

  • Black leather finished on one side. 
  • 3/4" wide is standard.  Other widths and lengths available on request.
  • 18" long to fit most vehicles and be able to adjust tighter or looser as desired.  Cut with a sharp utility knife.
  • Generally attached to wood shafts with screws on the underside.
  • Priced by the pair
  • Can also be used as shaft loops attached to the shaft to guide the trace. (Consider using a Shaft Trim Tack to hold down the shaft strap.)
Size: 18" Black

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