Ledo Two-Part Horse Driving Whip | IVC Carriage
Chad Rhinehart uses the Ledo Two-Part Carriage Whip at a Combined Test.

Ledo Two-Part Whip - 20" lash

The Ledo Two-Part Whip is a standard-size driving whip with two parts that telescope down for easy storage and transport. Convenient pressure connection holds firmly long until you want to reduce it.  

  • 50 cm (20") lash
  • Black carbon stick and flexible white lash
  • Smooth, rubbery handle
  • Light and nicely balanced
  • 160 cm (63" stick) reduces to 38"
  • 180 cm (71" stick) reduces to 41"
  • 200 cm (79" stick) reduces to 46"

Size: 160 cm

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