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Mane-ly Hydrate 24 Pack

The Mane-ly Hydrate 24 Pack includes everything you need (besides H2O) to mix up Hydrate 24.  The unique formula helps to prevent and alleviate dry itchy skin, stains, dry broken hair, rain rot, and dander build up.  Hydrate 24 cuts grooming time, hydrates the skin, cleans the coat, and adds extra hydration to the hair.  Layer manes and tails with Mane-ly Detangler to leave hair extra nourished, soft, supple, and protected!  Use as a final finish with a brilliant show ready shine and blue ribbon finish.  Just spray on and leave in.

  • Non-slip formulation
  • Helps dissolve and prevent yellow and dirt stains (does not bleach)
  • For all hair types and colors (will not fade dark colors)
  • Great as a "dry shampoo" for winter cleansing
  • Use in between baths for dogs and horses
  • Repels dirt from the horse's coat
  • Includes 1-16 oz. conditioner, 1-24 oz mixing bottle, 1-Hydrasol bottle
  • Directions included on bottle
  • Made in USA

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