Mane-ly Long Hair Conditioner | IVC Carriage
Mane-ly Long Hair Conditioner | IVC Carriage

Mane-ly Repair Conditioner

For dull, damaged, dry, tangled, stained hair, and flaky skin.  A perfect treatment that hydrates, repairs, detangles, restores, and soothes the skin.  Concentrated formula that is very gentle and effective.  Leaves a super shine!  Lightweight formula for all hair types, making it softer, silkier, less porous, less brittle, and less prone to breaking and staining!

A multifunctional product, 3 in 1, as a conditioner after Restore Shampoo, also used to formulate Mane-ly Hydrate 24 and Mane-ly Shock Treatment.

  • Great for full body, manes, tails, forelock and feather!
  • Great for people!
  • Great for dogs! No lingering smells, deeply cleanses, and gentle.
  • 16 or 32 oz.
  • Made in USA
Size: 16 oz.

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