Cotton Horse Lead Rope

Our Favorite Cotton Lead Rope

Our family loves these shorter, all cotton horse leads! Years ago, a neighbor taught us how to braid the rope back into itself to make a super strong joint, which is way better than those nasty clamps that seem to "ping off" at inopportune times. We started making these leads when we couldn't find the cotton ones in smaller lengths with the braided back ends.

  • Convenient 6-7' length. A lot less rope to wad in your hand or trip over. Great for smaller horses, ponies, and minis.
  • Comfortable 5/8" cotton rope fits nicely in your hand without being too bulky, and is less likely to cause rope burn like nylon
  • Made of supplies from Weaver Leather
  • Custom lengths available, including cross ties with panic snaps 
  • Snaps available - 3/4" Nickel Plated, 1" Solid Brass, or Nickel Plated Bull Snap
  • White only
Snap Size: 3/4" Nickel

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