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Smucker Super Deluxe Harness®

The Super Deluxe Harness® is a stunningly elegant carriage show harness with workmanship for which Smuckers is well-known.  Lots of patent leather comes standard; also available without patent leather.


  • American vegetable-tanned doubled and finished leather 
  • Double stitching throughout
  • Open cheek bridle
  • Curved crown
  • Chain browband
  • Patent, stitched noseband
  • Rolled throatlatch
  • Buckle-in, shaped, rolled edge, patent breast collar
  • Raised traces
  • Doubled and stitched neck strap with rein terrets
  • Stainless steel saddle tree
  • Patent saddle skirts
  • Padded girth
  • Doubled and stitched turnback
  • Doubled and stitched hip strap
  • Rolled edge patent breeching
  • Doubled and stitched breeching straps
  • All brown russet leather reins appropriate for carriage driving
  • All hand-stitched keepers 

Available in all sizes (Oversize add 10%, Mini deduct 10%), with your choice of Brass or Stainless Steel hardware, Black or Russet Leather (For all Russet harness and part prices, add 10%.  Call us to order.)

Full collar not included in Hame Style harness.

Consider as an upgrade to your harness:



Hardware: Brass
Saddle: Regular Saddle
Collar: Breast Collar

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