Carriage Driving String Gloves | IVC Carriage
Carriage Driving String Gloves | IVC Carriage

String Gloves for Rain

Don't want to ruin those beautiful carriage turnout string gloves by wearing them when it is actually raining? Try these inexpensive string gloves! Keep a pair or two in your tack box just in case!
  • Proper to wear in pleasure driving shows and driven dressage while raining
  • Provides grip on wet leather and synthetic reins
  • Inexpensive enough for you not to feel bad when they get stained from holding onto wet reins
  • Fine as a lower level turnout accessory (but the SSG String Gloves are much more attractive)
  • 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester
  • White
  • Priced per pair
  • Mens and Ladies (with colored cuff)
Size: Mens

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