IVC Traditional Leather Pony Bridle
Traditional Leather Horse Harness Bridle | IVC Carriage

IVC Traditional Leather Bridle

Properly made horse driving bridle with standard features found in higher-end bridles.

Bridles are built to fit your horse. Completed Measuring Chart is needed to place the order with the harness maker. We cannot place the order with the harness maker without measurements.

  • Decorative browband
  • Open keepers
  • Hatchet-shaped patent blinkers standard.  Square blinkers available at no extra charge
  • Flat throatlatch
  • Double-buckle patent leather noseband (cavesson)
  • Appropriate cavesson hangers that buckle in above the blinkers
  • Padded jaw strap
  • Patent leather teardrop
  • Removable gullet strap standard
  • Brass or stainless hardware
  • Removable over or side check available for $49.95.

Do you drive more than one horse with the same harness?  A bridle per horse makes it much easier to enjoy your drive instead of adjusting the bridle every time.

Size: Miniature
Metal: Brass
Check: No check

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