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Zilco Horse Harness Holdback Straps | IVC Carriage

Zilco Breeching Straps

Breeching (or holdback) straps are the means of connecting the breeching to the single horse vehicle to allow braking. In Pairs Harness, they form a link between the breeching ring and breast collar.

These breeching straps are a universal design, that can be used for either Singles or Pairs. Includes stainless steel rein/parrot snaps. This design allows the breeching straps to be left attached to the vehicle shafts.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Small - Width: 19mm (3/4"), Length: 102cm (40"); In use min 27cm - max 46cm
  • Medium - Width: 25mm (1"), Length: 114cm (45"); In use min 27cm - max 51cm
  • Large - Width: 25mm (1"), Length: 127cm (50"); In use min 33cm - max 57cm
Size: Small

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