Zilco Empathy Horse Breast Collar | IVC Carriage
Zilco Empathy Horse Breast Collar | IVC Carriage

Zilco Empathy Breast Collar

The MK4 Empathy Breast Collar works with the horse's conformation by allowing greater freedom of movement through the shoulder, enabling the horse to pull a load with minimum restriction to limb movement or pressure on the shoulder joint.  The trace buckle now features a pivoting ring which allows a more comfortable fit across the shoulder, regardless of the line of draft.

In order to maintain the curved shape, the Empathy Breastplate is made with a central core of Zilco strapping for maximum strength under the toughest of marathon conditions. It has Zeather (Zilco synthetic leather) lining on the bearing surfaces with memory foam padding and quick release, stainless steel fittings.

The Empathy Breast Collar Fittings are necessary to attach the traces to this collar.  

The Empathy Collar is also available as an option for Zilco Classic Single Harness.

  • Cob Length: 100cm (39 1/3")
  • Horse Length: 112cm (44")
  • Pad for this collar here
Size: Cob

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