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Dumb Stuff We Did #3

Dumb Stuff We Did #3 0

Back in 2020, I wrote a series of articles entitled, “We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.” I have kept a running list of mistakes we have made as I remember them, so this is the next in the series. These articles are meant to “poke fun” at ourselves in a way that hopefully is educational and maybe a wee bit entertaining.
Going Behind the Bit

Going Behind the Bit 0

When the horse tucks his nose to “escape” the pressure of the bit, we call this “going behind the bit”. This can be a big challenge to overcome, and can be harder to deal with than the horse who seems like he will never give to the bit!  What can be done to deal with this?
The Single Jointed Snaffle Paperweight

The Single Jointed Snaffle Paperweight 1

I have had more than one customer who has said, “My driving horse hates his bit”.  For a lot of people, the single jointed snaffle is considered the driving horse bit.  What is it about the single jointed snaffle that generally doesn’t work with carriage driving horses?
Long Lining or Ground Driving?

Long Lining or Ground Driving? 0

A lot of new drivers are under the impression that a major step in training the driving horse is ground driving, walking behind the horse like you were in a vehicle, but without the vehicle attached. We do more what I refer to as “long lining” which is basically staying in the center of the arena while the horse goes around.
Our Obstacle Driving Mistakes

Our Obstacle Driving Mistakes 0

It's been a while since I released a post in the series of "We've Made All the Mistakes So You Don't Have To". This one is a little different. In this case, if you compete, you eventually WILL make a mistake. Here are some of ours.
Dumb Stuff We Did #2

Dumb Stuff We Did #2 0

Did you really think that we only did enough dumb stuff for one blog post? Nope. We’ve done some more…and even fairly recently! The point of these articles is to help people understand how to do better, because “When we know better, we do better.”