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Bombers BE Arch Tulip (Swinging Purchase Mullen 90)

Known as a Liverpool BE Swinging Purchase Mullen 90 from Bombers Bits, in the US we tend to refer to this style of bit as an Arch Tulip.  

The mouthpiece arches up and is static (not able to rotate), while the purchase swings, thus eliminating poll pressure.  Designed by Boyd Exell.

  • Stocked in a two-slot cheek. 
  • Curb hooks and chains are included.
  • 115 mm is about 4.5" with 1/2” mouthpiece
  • 125 mm is about 5" with a 1/2”  mouthpiece
  • 140 mm is about 5.5" with a 5/8" mouthpiece
Size: 115 mm / 4.5"

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