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Horse Enhanced Leather Harness

Our most popular harness, the IVC Enhanced Leather Horse Harness is suitable for 14.3 HH -16 HH horses such as typical Morgans, typical Quarter Horses, most Fjords, taller Section D Welsh, smaller Dutch Harness Horses, and smaller Friesians. It offers the same quality as our IVC Traditional Leather Harness, but features upgrades to the saddle and breast collar to provide extra comfort for the horse.  Suitable for training, pleasure driving, and competition with most carts and carriages.  Choice of brass or stainless hardware.  Constructed to fit your horse's measurementsMeasurements are required to order this harness.  FREE domestic SHIPPING on full harness sets.




Breast Collar

  • Mid V breast collar which provides windpipe relief and freedom of movement
  • Extra padded breast collar, rolled patent leather with plain leather overlay
  • Split neck strap with fixed or floppy rein terrets (please specify if desired)
  • Buckle-in, slot-end traces
  • False martingale with patent teardrop



  • All russet leather reins with pinky loop, appropriate for carriage driving
Hardware: Brass

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