Mane-ly Long Hair Shock Treatment | IVC Carriage
Mane-ly Long Hair Shock Treatment | IVC Carriage

Mane-ly Shock Hair Treatment

Intensive, leave-in treament to repair and restore dry, damaged, brittle, and or discolored hair; mane, tail, forelock, feather.  Unique treatment is a blend of the Mane-ly Polisher and Mane-ly Conditoner (directions come with it).  Combine in palms of hands, distribute evenly and leave in.  No need to wash prior or after.  Use daily or every few days as maintenance to keep hair luxurious, tangle free, and stain free, too.  Remarkably restores, conditions, and brightens the hair's natural colors.  Great for all seasons, all hair types and colors.  Keeps the hair Stronger, Silkier, Smoother, and Tangle Free.

  • 1-8 oz. polisher, 1-16 oz. conditioner, and directions
  • Directions included
  • Made in USA

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