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Favorite Things – 2022 Version

Favorite Things – 2022 Version 0

Back in 2019, I wrote a post referencing “These are a few of my favorite things”.  We have found that people look forward to these posts about certain products that have caught our attention (and our hearts) over the year.  Here is our list for this year.
Mistakes New Carriage Show Competitors Make

Mistakes New Carriage Show Competitors Make 1

We coach quite a few new carriage drivers.  Since we have been competing in carriage shows for quite a while, I can usually give the new driver a pretty good idea on what to expect at a carriage competition.  Here are some mistakes I see new competitors make who unfortunately don’t have that type of coaching.
Our Favorite Things - 2020 version

Our Favorite Things - 2020 version 0

Last year, I wrote a post regarding my favorite carriage driving items. This year we have some new items that I would have a hard time living without.
Communication Mistakes We’ve Made

Communication Mistakes We’ve Made 0

I recently had a request from one of our customers to write about how to avoid a “rolling domestic” while on the carriage with your spouse or significant other. If both of you are involved in carriage driving like our family, you are bound to have a few disagreements over the years.
Our Obstacle Driving Mistakes

Our Obstacle Driving Mistakes 0

It's been a while since I released a post in the series of "We've Made All the Mistakes So You Don't Have To". This one is a little different. In this case, if you compete, you eventually WILL make a mistake. Here are some of ours.