IVC’s New Not-So-Silent Partner

IVC’s New Not-So-Silent Partner

You’ve seen him at the expos and carriage shows wearing the IVC polo shirts, you’ve seen him ballasting on the back of a number of marathon vehicles, driving in CDEs and a few other pleasure shows, coaching some drivers, designing some cones courses, and in various other roles in the carriage driving world.  Now, my husband, Chad Rhinehart, has left his 24 years in the corporate agriculture world to work full time in our small businesses. 

IVC Carriage has grown so quickly that it has been hard to keep up with just me at the helm.  We talked about hiring more staff, but it just came down to the person we really needed here was Chad.  He has the knowledge base, the personality, and the drive to be just the right fit.  It is a little scary having “all our eggs in one basket” per se and working with each other 24/7 (please pray for us 😊), but after being together almost 30 years, I think we’ve got each other figured out.

Chad will be handling the vast majority of the carriage importing, sales, and service with our sister business, Midwest Custom Carriages.  He also has more knowledge in carriage parts and maintenance, so he will be handling those types of questions and consults for IVC Carriage, while my specialty is in bitting and harness.

I have to admit I’m pretty excited to have Chad working more with the businesses.  While I have consistently bounced ideas off of him over the years, it will be nice to have someone with his experience to help make the day-to-day decisions, and also work more closely with customers.  We hope that this change will produce a bigger and better IVC Carriage to serve our amazing and faithful customers! 

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Jan 17, 2022
Jacquelyn Lahn

Are you going to do driving clinics as well?

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